Ball Greezy – Dats My Bae

Acclaimed Miami emcee Ball Greezy lets his mind run wild in the just-released video for “Dats My Bae,” a classic love story with Greezy’s own soulful-rap take on the topic—plus a twist ending. The visual begins with Greezy spotting his perfect woman across the street as he gets out of his car, and soon his mind is racing toward the future they have together, starting with a luxury vacation on the water. Saxophone synths set the mood for this smooth R&B-influenced track, and Ball Greezy wastes no time letting Bae know what’s on his mind.

Ball Greezy is part of a tradition of Miami party rap with influences from collaborators Flo Rida and Rick Ross. But his sensitive side has always set him apart, and “Dats My Bae” is a perfect example: It’s time for you to unwind / Enjoy the sunshine, good hookah and a little wine / Just me and you, no menages, full back massages / Far away from the projects. In “Dats My Bae,” Greezy shares his biggest wish: to get away with the woman he loves–the only one in his life worthy of being called “Bae.” But as the fantasy of yacht trips, luxury cars, bikinis and swimming pools gives way to reality, Ball finds out the hard way that his wish may never come true…Watch now to find out what happens!

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