Dax – Blueprint 2 (Remix) [Music Video]

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shot by: Logan Meis

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Knew I was coming I told them
I was soldier
Doubled the work when they minimized the exposure
Called my momma and told her I’m taking over she started gassing me just like a general motor
Told me that I would POP
Kinda sum-so(r)da
Glass was half empty and now the cup runnest over
Had to go to doctor told him to give me pills for the pain I knew wud feel when I had the game on my shoulders
Started penning the pad I was 22 years of age
Had to make up some time cause I knew that I started late
Obsessive compulsive with it while studying all the greats I added my own chapter this remix another page
Now I’m selling out these shows I can hear them screaming my name
Out the booth to the stage then back in booth again
Making music you feel in your soul and that’s makes your brain connect on deeper level while pushing you to be great
Who do I idolize?
The one and only God
Looking back I’m thankful momma used to best with that rod
Wasn’t always justified but see life was real hard as a woman with 3 kids working like 3 jobs
Thinking back I was troubled and lost while in my youth
Asking the wrong questions
Reading the wrong truths
Fighting appeasing ego
Stealing to pay for hoop
While chasing these stupid b*tches to eat the forbidden fruit
Went to church got baptized
Boat I was in capsized
Overtime in the gym in a year I became that guy
hoop I did it religiously
Pray I did that consistently
Mixing the two together
Then altered my inner chemistry
25 points a game
kept unloading the clip
Careleton Ravens University coach
said I was HIM
Then lied to f*cking face
and tried sabotaging my shit
So I packed up my f*cking bags
and went got my own scholarship
That’s a fact!
I had to get it out the mud
Undersized, no looks, no help, no love
Pass up living life the parties,
drinking, smoking, doing drugs, and popping bottles getting LITTY wit these n*ggas
in the club
To understand the man I am
you must know who I was
And how every L doubled up and transformed itself to a dub
Through my work consistency
repetition and love mixed with the pain
that inspired the anger to rise above
You gon remember me
Ya that’s my promise I’m here and ima leave the legacy
There’s no containing my grind
And fu*cking energy
I put my heart and my soul
inside of these melodies
I’m sparking minds with my fire
and my intensity
If you think I’m gonna stop, you must be smoking methamphetamine
I don’t ever get tired there no c c c c catching me
This right here is my destiny
Better pray for enemies
Cause they can’t match my pedigree
And that’s a facts
And yeah, I’m probably a narcissist
how the f* ck y’all think I always
drop the hardest sh*t
I focus on myself, and if you ain’t a part of it, you’re dead to me and rest in piss
with all the other carcasses
In four years I had to go to
three different colleges.
That’s the result of
believing in empty promises
Swallowed my pride
it’s secreted in my esophagus,
but now I’m sick with it,
so fuck it I’m bout to vomit it ah
I’m out of reach us at the bar to high
f*ck you for saying, and thinking
I couldn’t fly
I gave my heart to the game
and the day I had to cut ties
I was in the state of delusion
and actually started to cry
fell to my knees was disgusted
and looked up right to the sky
told God I’m getting revenge
then waiting for a reply,
and as a tears filled up
and started leaving my eyes,
I said it’s f*ck these pussies
until the day that I die.
The f*ck you thought was going to happen?
I took that energy put it into the rapping
Hopped in my bag
And let go of all of the baggage
I took my thoughts and converted them into action.
Then in the midst of the pain,
I seeped in the madness,
started thinking and crafting
devising a plan to attack em,
burn them turn them to ashes,
then harbored it
turned myself into a savage,
became one of the hardest
to walk on the planet,
and now you gotta watch.
That’s how the story goes
That’s how this chapter writes
That’s how my pen flows that’s how my words flip, hit, click BOOM
then blow a gap in the matrix
and leave a gaping hole
for everybody who doubted me
and has told me no
who couldn’t measure the passion
I had inside my soul
Every seed that I planted
and that I ever sewed
for every rep that I did
and all the sweat I poured
overnight as a janitor
back when I was broke
to back in Canada
walking out in the freezing cold,
the welfare and having to wear
the same clothes,
and all the b*tches who cheated
and never did me wrong
For everybody who laughed and said that I was a joke
I hope you feel every word I say, and I ever spoke
Then have to swallow your pride
And in the process choke
Try to stomach the fact that I said I told you so

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