Jimmy B Fearless – Pitfalls [Music Video]

Music video for “Pitfalls” by Jimmy B Fearless.

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Artist Bio:
Some write music to pass time. Others use it as a form of escape. The latter rings especially true for Jimmy B Fearless, carving out his own signature Hip-Hop sound.

Hailing from ‘the place to be somebody’ aka Wilmington, Delaware, much of Jimmy’s upbringing in a less-than-ideal neighborhood inspired his musical journey. But like most, he and his family made the best of a bad situation, and Jimmy took to making beats to distract himself from the inner-city troubles of his area.

His move to the home of Trap music, Atlanta, provided a reinvigorated backdrop to the aspiring young artist. Today, his music is heavily influenced and inspired by the likes of Future, Outkast, and MF Doom.

Music acted as an escape during the death of his father when he was only twelve years old. Using sound as a platform to express the loss of a parent led to Jimmy B Fearless getting to grips with his musical instincts. As a result, much of music revolves around his own inner monologue as he reflects on current emotions and deeper thoughts. The ultimate goal is not to achieve unimaginable levels of fame or wealth, but simply for his music to be heard and respected by his peers in the scene.

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