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Brooklyn rapper and creative artist JUFU, whose breakout track “KIWMB” has become part of this summer’s viral soundtrack, amps up the song’s profile with its video premiere today via 4TH & Broadway/Island Records. JUFU directed the “KIWMB” clip for his Respective Collective production company, “Kickin It With My Bros” as he brought in notable influencers and friends Chicklet (over 4M followers), Travque (779K followers), and Benzo (23K followers) for cameo appearances. On the release of the music video JUFU states, “Nothing’s greater than real human connection and spending time with the people you love. WE KICKIN’ IT WITH THE BROS ALL SUMMER!”

JUFU, whose merch site is newly launched at shop.jufumusic.com, is also set to hit the streets with his upcoming mixtape project, including “KIWMB” and “LASER BEAM.” “We all have a light, a beam,” JUFU said. “When people try to bring you down, you keep pushing and your light (beam) shines so bright that it overpowers anything anyone can say or do to stop you. Elevate the hate.”

JUFU’s forthcoming mixtape follows up #GetUsedToMe (released last summer), JUFU’s 6-song major label mixtape debut, featuring the single + video “What’s The Vibe.” “KIWMB” and “LASER BEAM” also build on the success of “Just Do It,” the inspira­tional anthem currently featured in EA Sports’ Madden NFL 21 game.

In the run-up to this summer’s explosion, “KIWMB” earned JUFU a spot as BBC Radio 1’s Future Artists Next Wave; check that Instagram link HERE. Prior to that, “LASER BEAM” was one of Apple Music Ebro’s Discovered on Apple Music Tracks; check that IG link HERE. In June, JUFU arranged a live rooftop performance of “KIWMB,” telling fans: “There aren’t many show opportunities at the moment, so my team and I decided to put together a series of virtual performances for you! Thanks to everyone supporting KIWMB, continue to KIWYB while bumping KIWMB 😉 I love you guys!”

“Just Do It” kicked off the NFL #RaiseYourGame TikTok Campaign earlier this year, which led to JUFU’s performance at the EA Madden Virtual Halftime Performance seen on Twitch and YouTube. JUFU’s own TikTok #NikeCheckChallenge encouraged fans to take the leap and follow their dreams. His immense love of music and multimedia content has won big league support for JUFU from such figures as Will Smith, Steve Harvey, and the Milwaukee Bucks.

JUFU has also teamed up with Vans Custom Culture to support art education. He designed a pair of shoes that includes the “LASER BEAM” art to bring awareness to Vans’ high school art program, #VansCustomCulture. One U.S. high school will take home $50k for their art program this spring. Read more at vans.com/customculture.

JUFU, one of 2021’s year’s most promising young MC’s first exploded on TikTok in 2019, with “Who R U,” a track that scored over 55 million+ Likes. #GetUsedToMe, with its futuristic bop and other-worldly “What’s The Vibe” video, boasted a track list that also included “Chicken Sand­wich,” “Get The Bag,” “Ca$h App,” “Surreal,” and “8 Figures,” with production by Rix Melody, Principal Muzik, and DeV.b. The mixtape caught the attention of tastemakers, winning praise and support from Variety, XXL, Washington Post and more.

21-year-old JUFU (born Julian Fulian Jeanmarie) was born and raised in Brooklyn. By age nine he was taking guitar lessons, learning classical music and cover tunes, quickly jumping into creating his own sounds. By thirteen, he had joined Vine and was posting his first videos. Within two years he had over 200,000 followers and was enrolled in Midwood’s Edward R. Murrow High School, alma mater of Joey BadA$$ and the Pro Era rap collective. JUFU was one of the first students to join the school’s “Music x Techno­logy” program when it was launched in 2015, funded by donations from Grammy Award®-winning artist Alicia Keys and Levi’s. As an Advanced Placement student, JUFU was gaining invaluable hands-on experience in music, filmmaking, and social media. Vine was discontinued in 2017, leaving JUFU to start over virtually from scratch on music:)ally and TikTok. He soon scored his first massive viral hit, a parody of Lil Yachty’s “Broccoli.” As a graduating senior, JUFU hosted Music Tech Fest 2018, the school program’s big year-end performance showcase, and realized that at least part of his dream was to be on stage. The new music he was producing reflected this, starting with “Who R U” in 2019, which netted over 55 million+ Likes. More than a dozen record labels sought his signature, “but when I got to Island Records, I felt a real family vibe from them. I really liked that they were pushing for my longevity as an artist,” he said. “They’re very open to my creativity and my artistry.” Island’s belief in JUFU was affirmed with the back-to-back success in 2020 of his debut mixtape #GetUsedToMe (with “What’s The Vibe”); followed by “Just Do It,” the inspira­tional anthem featured by EA Sports in the current Madden NFL 21 game. “Just Do It” was followed by “Laser Beam” and “KIWMB,” both from JUFU’s highly anticipated second mixtape, follow-up to the critically acclaimed #GetUsedToMe.

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