LeeLann – Bounce!

Official Music Video for “BOUNCE!” by LeeLann

Directed by: Tyler J Smith
Shot by: Tyler J Smith
Edited by: Tyler J Smith & LeeLann
Styled by: Nubian Princess
Assistant Directed by: Nubian Princess


(Verse 1)
Dont gotta struggle I come from the struggle
Where bullets they pop like a bubble
I’m hot like a faucet
Shoutout to my uncle he taught me the hussle,
The way to maneuver with
I say I’m a Buddha I’m too legit
Know if you push me I’m moving it
The mountain , the wind, I go ludachris
Hop out the coupe with the coolest kicks,
I’m Coolin kid
No reaction, ain’t new to this
Who is this ?
Young n*** make em jump with a mic dunk , hype up
For a price , see my spirit light up in the night , suge
Kick my feet up where the sun at
Couldn’t see him John cena
Contact, back up, I’m that
Give a f*** I’m back
What you want? I could prolly find that
Get it off with the wolves
But I’d rather give love than to sell you tree with the woods
Why they selling dreams ? Had to find my peace, now as you see I’m good
Energy on peak , try to contact Lee phone on do not disturb
Trynna save the world but you gotta face it first
used you hate the hurt and then I made it work
Look at you chasing dirt
A diamond with pressure applying no lying mufassaa I gotta, no trying
The people relying on me with they finance
Get the people right out of the violence
See the clarity right thru my iris
Got the vision now I’m autopilot
They was hating and now they excited
Either way man I know I inspire them

Yea yea Watch em Bounce
(Watch em bounce, watch em bounce)

Got them dreads let em bounce
(Got them dreads let me swang)

Yea I say just what I’m bout

Yea yea Watch em Bounce
(Watch em bounce, watch em bounce)

Got them dreads let em bounce
(Got them dreads let me swang)

Yea I say just what I’m bout

Bless the king where the crown
(Bless the king where the crown)

(Verse 2)
Real s*** what i speak fly high like a bird see
What you heard it don’t matter your concern, it’s about how you learn me
Permeate like germ , seek love what I’m earning
It’s a journey
Watch how you refer to me, certainly swerving the word for your curtesy
Hercules flexing, I did it momma, no more living in burglary
Now I take what I’m worth
New wave I don’t mind if you surf just say that I took you to church with the word
High off of life it’s alright take a jump I believe in you you got the vert
Put in the work like a rose with no dirt
With all that I’m given I turned it to blessings
We go through pain can you tell me lesson
I’m more ain’t no lesser we equal my n*** you better know evil to see thru deceitful
Ain’t looking forever, the regal the scene
I balance my spirit and dreams
Reality’s what I believe
A go getter a king
A river a stream
The fire inspire
The air that you breathe

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