Lonny the Street Lawyer – Pandillero: A True Gang Story

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ7iom6bKXI[/embedyt]

Pandillero is the Spanish Translation for “Gangster” or “Gang Member.”

Lonny the Street Lawyer is a high profile criminal defense attorney who practices in Maryland and D.C.

He is also a radio personality on DC101 known as Lonny the Street Lawyer.

He has represented many individuals who are members of local, national, and international gangs. This track is based on true events. This record is part of LTSL’s debut album, “Criminalista.”

Peace to the real OG’s from Maryland who joined the Street Lawyer for this video shoot.

Fb: Lonny the Street Lawyer
Instagram: @lonnythestreetlawyer
Twitter: @dcstreetlawyer

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