NLE Choppa – Final Warning

Memphis rap star NLE Choppa returns with a raw and emotionally intense new song, “Final Warning” on No Love Entertainment/Warner Records. The song goes after haters of all sorts, from those who have doubted him to the police departments trying to lock him up. It shows off just how big a range Choppa has—he can rap about personal moments of triumph on one song, then flip a switch and take down the doubters on songs like “Final Warning.”

Produced by Damn E who’s best known for Spottemgottem’s “Beat Box,” the track is led by a haunting piano and a crushing bassline that’ll rattle even the sturdiest car speakers. “Final Warning” is two jam-packed minutes of witty one-liners and darts aimed at enemies. “My fingernails dirty ‘cuz I’m still a gravedigger.”

In the video, Choppa celebrates his success and is quick to remind us that he’s become the hottest voice out of Memphis, blending his signature style of humor with hard truths.

The song follows a busy start to 2021 for Choppa. On April 1, he released his beloved “First Day Out,” a freestyle over SpotemGottem’s “Beat Box.” The track has amassed an astonishing 27 million streams on YouTube since its release four weeks ago and it has since been re-released as an official remix called “Beat Box 4.” Back in January, he dropped “Picture Me Grapin,’” which featured a video paying homage to Tupac Shakur. The single is featured on NLE Choppa’s illuminating From Dark To Light mixtape, and the video was released at 11:11 AM on January 22, playing up Choppa’s continued fascination with numerology.

NLE Choppa continues to push himself and the culture forward. He crashed the Top 10 of the Billboard Top 200 with his debut album, Top Shotta. He notably achieved a record run of 24 weeks atop Billboard’s Emerging Artists Chart. To date, he has gathered 3 billion-plus global streams, six RIAA-certified plaques, a spot on the 2020 XXL Freshman list, and a nomination for the 2020 BET Hip-Hop Awards’ Best New Artist. With “Final Warning,” he shares his magnetic personality again, which is part of why fans have been so drawn to his songs in the first place.

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