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Dear reader,

Over the recent years, there has been a shift of heart. A change that has brought a way of living that many of us cannot tolerate anymore. When I turn on a television, or read a newspaper, a woman is dead, a child is left with no father, a family is left with no sister, nor brother. Not a day goes by where the men and woman who pledge to protect us, become the very hands we die by. There is no question of that. We as a community have taken up the role of becoming the reporters to our own tragedy. My heart goes out to the family of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. They are far from the only ones who have great condolence and commemoration in this letter. Acts like this have become an abomination, I can speak for everyone when I say, and these incidents have drawn the public to their final straws.

You need to understand this, I do not witness the slaughter, but others do. I do not hold them through their tears, but their loved ones do. I do not see the bodies, but I do feel them, and I am not the only one. People have grown to a nature that I find has become the biggest irony in this decade and beyond, which is the fear of law enforcement. I am not here to prove a point; I am here to tell you, even when you have nothing, you still have a choice. God knows that we are no one to judge, though a change is in order. I cannot see innocent people die over assumption and utter impulse. If you agree, do not tell me, tell the people.

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