Wiseboy Jeremy feat. Kirti Pandey – Pedal tha Ave [Music Video]

Advancing from a small town in New Jersey, Wiseboy Jeremy expresses life through his lens of the world with Hip-Hop as his chosen medium. The 21-year-old artist relays his introspection over jazz-tinged, contemplative production with a little bit of classic East Coast grit. Known for his unique ability to piece together thoughts that directly represent his peer into the lens of hope, his lyrics reside between a space of wisdom and a yearning to learn more.

Jeremy’s 2022 effort, Still Chldrn, is a meditative collection of stories painted over unquantized, Blues & Hip-Hop laced production. The year that has passed following its release, has brought Jeremy to the eyes of publications such as Pigeons & Planes (where he was named a Best New Artist), Bandcamp, Frank Ocean’s Homer Radio, Daily Chiefers, Sheesh Media & more.

Setting the stage for his forthcoming project, Pumpkin Seeds, (which will be released 1Q of 2024), Wiseboy Jeremy has now released a new video and single for “Pedal Tha Ave.” “Pedal Tha Ave” is now available at all DSP’s and you can watch the video below.

“This one is for the inner child” Jeremy reflects. “This is over one of my favorite samples and I feel it’s a great testament to me and Kriti’s chemistry.”

You can now purchase, stream, add and favorite “Pedal Tha Ave” at your preferred DSP: https://ffm.to/mbererj

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