X-Raided -The Sunken Place [Music Video]

X-Raided – The Sunken Place | Official Music Video
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Strange Music Inc. | Official Music Video

X-Raided – “The Sunken Place” – https://lnk.to/TheSunkenPlace

Produced By: Wyshmaster & Igor

Flexing unparalleled verbal acumen once again, underground rap icon and Sacramento native X-Raided unveils a brand new single and music video titled “The Sunken Place,” out now on Strange Music.

His storytelling and dynamic lyricism power up this arresting banger. Right out of the gate, he recounts how a romance unfurls between “a fan of underground rappers” and “one in particular who was locked up doing time.” An ominous piano loop wraps around the track’s tense beat as X-Raided warns the listener that, “Sometimes you have to fail to learn a cautionary tale.” The chorus chants, “He had to Get Out, Get Out, Get Out,” alluding to the underlying story of helplessness and hopelessness embedded within this Jordan Peele inspired story.

“I’ve had a lot of conversations with a variety of formerly incarcerated persons who have been in relationships prior to being released,” said X-Raided. “A common theme that arises is that they discover that their view of life had been largely rooted in fantasy while they were incarcerated and that the reality of their circumstances is something entirely different from what they had fantasized. There is a sense of still being imprisoned that sets in where you feel like a character playing a role in your own life, not speaking the way you would normally speak, not dressing the way you would normally dress, until you either lose yourself forever or gain the courage to make dramatic changes that everyone won’t understand. For instance, having children: if your partner has a child that is not yours but presents it to the world as if it were… yet you have no biological children, do you just accept that fallacy and forgo ever having biological children in order to maintain the fantasy that you’ve committed yourself to or do you break away and create a real family for yourself? There are a lot of questions along those lines that we have to ask ourselves upon our release from prison.”

Life tests this particular love to a breaking point, but you’ll need to listen and watch in order to find out what happens as the visual energizes the story on screen, allowing the viewer to explore the ups and downs of the relationship in question, literally bringing the lyrics to life in vivid fashion.

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