XLOVCLO, the Doja Cat-cosigned artist hailing from the DMV, shares the visuals to her latest single “John.” The video sees CLO singing “John” in a park and includes memes of famous men aptly named “John,” with CLO joking that her soulmate’s name could be John, but it won’t be Sean or Ron. The video complements the sonic world she has created, with “John” offering the perfect introduction to the multi-talented rapper, producer, and vocalist’s music.

Earlier this year, the Maryland native popped onto the scene with the rockstar romance of “WTF,” earning praise from Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, and Doechii. Aside from her own releases, XLOVCLO has also collaborated with Yvngxchris, Skaiwater, Destin Laurel, and producer Dylvinci. Though still in her teens, XLOVCLO is practically a production veteran. While “John,” was produced by Neiiburr, Te$oro, and Jband$, XLOVCLO labors carefully over every stem, with a fleshed out and fully realized sound beyond her years. She’s schooled not just in production and performance but the nitty-gritty of mixing and engineering.

Many artists might claim the label of “DIY,” but few are capable of doing it all by themselves like CLO. When young musicians start to blow up, they can often become overwhelmed or crack under pressure, because they’re still in the process of learning their craft. CLO doesn’t come with any of that hesitation or self-doubt; as a vocalist, engineer, and all-around creative, CLO has the chops to back it up, even if she’s still forming her sense of self.

In every opportunity that comes her way, XLOVCLO sees the potential for not just experimenting with her sound, but coming to an even greater understanding of musical craft. By knowing every element of the creative process from top to bottom, XLOVCLO is like a painter who puts meaning into each individual brushstroke. There’s a full spectrum of emotions captured in every woozy synth and gliding vocal, from toxic heartbreak to angelic euphoria. Each bar and couplet, each note and beat, is a chance for feeling and connection, a space for the audience to find catharsis in XLOVCLO’s own vulnerability. As she puts it in her own words, “I have a different song for whatever time it is or whatever you’re feeling.”

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