Ziko – 75018

Check out the brand new video by French rapper ZIKO made in #75018 #Paris ! One Milliard and Believe are giving you a tour of the legendary hood where Ziko is from. Indeed, Ziko de la Brigade has been one of the most important producer and author for the last 3 decades in the Parisian hiphop movement. Walking in the French capital with Ziko is a ghetto miracle sensation. His 5-track EP is opening the year 2023 and “In the name of my Father, my Mother and the Holy Bizness” is a bold title. It is a frank, experienced project, boom bap new old school , with modern sounds. 75018 is the 1st tune of the EP. Multi-talented artist Ziko de la Brigade is unmissable in the Parisian hip-hop SCENE. The French rapper is an encyclopedia himself , who keeps an eye on the gifted & talented in the movement. He is a living legend of Afro-French street culture, crafting his art in absolute consciousness. Fashion designer, composer, author, rapper, thinker, poet … A true philosopher he is! Long live his POETRY, ART and RAP!

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