TMG Fresh


TMG Fresh – Champagne Showers

The new video for “Champagne Showers” may look like a scene out of your wildest dreams, but millionaire rapper TMG…

TMG Fresh – Lights Low

The new video for “Lights Low” has TMG Fresh opening up to his gorgeous therapist about the pain he feels…

TMG Fresh – Something Special

Millionaire rapper TMG Fresh and his entourage of baddies hit the road on ATVs and then set sail across the…

TMG Fresh – Silk Pajamas

The new video for “Silk Pajamas” has TMG Fresh sharing another glimpse into the good life, but the song’s lyrics…

TMG Fresh – Ice Cold

Inside the real life high-roller lifestyle of TMG Fresh, his new “Ice Cold” video captures him inside a high-stakes poker…

TMG Fresh – Throw A Stack

We’ve been in Hollywood a while now but never have we ever seen a 7-day born day celebration as extravagant…