3icyDice – Letter 2

Female artist from Bastrop, Louisiana. Raised in different parts of Texas, she is still finding her way; hoping to make it out and into the industry. Though she does not know all the answers, this young lady is very determined and ambitious. With a consistent work ethic and hard drive this artist has a bright future. She’s a rapper and part time singer, versatile, she can make a hit off just about any beat. At 25 years of age, this artist has grown tremendously and is headed down a great path to success. She lives her life by the motto “Don’t do that Tee, you’ve already done it before”. This is her way of going forward with everything in her life, no matter how bad the outcome, you’re given another 24 hours in a day to make something better of yourself. The Law of Attraction plays a very important role in her life. Whatever one think. whatever one sees, it shall be with a little faith.

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