Aaron Evans – King Of The Jungle

The King Of The Jungle has returned. His roar is renewed, his drive is undaunted, his soul having endured The Test Of Healing.
It’s time to clean the Jungle, restore order, chase the bald heads, hyenas and fuck boys out of town. K.O.T.J. is a merciless Hip Hop anthem triumphantly reestablishing his mission statement, his motto, his theme.

We Are Rising – We Are One!

King Of The Jungle is the first short film presented by artistic decathlete Aaron Evans (Directed by, shot by, edited by, produced, vocals, etc, etc. You get the point.) Filmed on location at Farmadelica Sounds, a jungle paradise in Southern Florida, K.O.T.J. is a visually stunning adventure carrying a powerful message in a concise, invigorating presentation. (When the beat drops, it’s as if the battle sirens have sounded.) Conceptually, K.O.T.J. addresses the large generational gap in ideology about our worlds future and the need for a voice to act as a moderator. Then proceeds to state with absolute resolve, that only through unity, can we obtain and apply practical solutions. We can plant new flags of hope, but only if we dig the holes together. Aaron Evans aims to be one of the voices leading these difficult conversations moving forward and K.O.T.J. is him stating these intentions clearly. This warrior poet’s work is only just getting started, as our world’s war for survival, has only just begun.


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