Big ZO – Let This Go


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Follow up to the single “Simple” which was released on BIG ZO’s 36th birthday (12/15/2016), “Let This Go” is set to be part 2 of the “My Life’s A Movie” album that BIG ZO is releasing one single at a time in short story movie like form. “Simple” was not your average video due to its length (10:31), and inclusion of acting/narration. “Let this is Go” picks right up from where “Simple” left off and be similar in including acting/narration along with a soulful hip hop style track.
“364 days of the year you meet me I will be a cool individual” BIG ZO states. “However, there is that 1 day out of the year when every person will reach their breaking point” says BIG ZO. This song is his description of that 1 day. “Anyone can get it on that day and it’s best for people to leave me alone on that day because I might end up on an episode of Snapped” states BIG ZO while laughing. “I’m human and I get upset like anyone else” says BIG ZO.
The track references caged in wild animals who can not be wait to be released. Imagine a wild tiger and/or lion that has been caged in while starring at his or her prey. This animal upon release is like a ticking time bomb. We as human sometimes hold our emotions in and just can’t wait until we “Let This Go”.

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