Blyke_Love – Juneteenth Everyday

Juneteenth Everyday was shot & directed by videographer Tony Perkins (DBTP) in Albany, GA at a former slaveholder estate named Resora. The Resora was 1 of the biggest slaveholder estates in Georgia but in 2011, a black owned organization called “New Communities Inc.” purchased the land & they’re using it to farm & give back to the ppl. “It’s a beautiful place & the energy there is indescribable. You can feel the history. Knowing this, we had to shoot the video there.” Thankfully, Karen Lawrence, helped make it happen! The shack that Blyke_Love walk out of in the beginning of the video is where the slaves were actually kept. Us coming out of it is symbolic of us living in our freedom, & paying homage to those that had to endure suffering there. We are thankful for everything our ancestors left behind to aid us, & guide us, & none of us would be here without the work they did for our future, as a ppl. This song/video is just a small way to say thank you to them, & give power & inspiration to our ppl. The video intertwines the concept of slavery with the current pandemic we are facing with coronavirus. In the video, Blyke_Love escapes the plantation, in pursuit of a rumored place where the air is safe to breathe, & they can be free. Juneteenth Everyday video symbolizes the freedom, & the coming together for that freedom, that we believe is necessary in order for all black & brown ppl to live better lives. “It’s too much of a men vs women thing, when we both need each other to build a better future for ourselves, & our kids to live in. That’s why you see us working together, & sticking together, to escape & find our place of freedom in the video”, says Jo3 h3nson. “We hope the video gives ppl a breath of fresh air, hope, and a sense of freedom for the future as we are in unfamiliar times, and transitioning into a new era”, Briley says.

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