Gin – Diddy

The new single from GIN called “Diddy” off the new album “Spiritual Bars,” was released on September 18th. The new video was shot in Dubai by Bone Production.

In order to preserve the true essence of hip-hop in the form of lyricism, Spiritual Bars is the new album by female artist GIN from Los Angeles, California. After observing the trends in the current hip-hop music scene, GIN felt it is her calling to put together an album that brings back the raw expression infused with consciousness, hence Spiritual Bars. The album is hip-hop with a bit of trap.

Spiritual Bars is an international album which includes features from Komo Sarcani (France), BDM (Durban, South Africa), Chris Cape (UK) and Mystic Butterfly (UK). GIN has also created a Zine Book for the album Spiritual Bars, which is available at Zine Fests and through her bandcamp website.

Check out and support the album “Spiritual Bars” available on Itunes, Spotify and all music outlets.


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