JOULE$ – Pipe Dreams

“PIPE DREAMS” (which if you haven’t listened to yet we stronger urge you to do so), is a work of art that embodies the shaman energy JOULE$ carries within his soul. The song alone without visuals is a banger but with the visuals (shot by @BABYFLEXFILMS) it not only allows the fan to connect with JOULE$ but also helps to understand what it is that drives the life force energy behind his creativity. The visual begins with the artist performing the song in what seems to be a Babylon style city surrounded by buildings as sunlight beams in from every window. The video progresses and gets even more trippier as you watch the visuals unfold.

If you are not familiar with the artist, JOULE$, a phenomena that has managed to draw in thousands of listeners, fans and supporters who not only share the message but live through the music JOULE$ puts out. It’s hard to deny the good vibrations this artist is emitting from the ether in his soul, we encourage you to enter his world with an open mind and desire to explore the esoteric teachings and lifestyle this individual lives.

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