K Camp – Cranberry Juice

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Cranberry Juice Freestyle

Directed by @SpuddMckenzie

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Ran up a sack & i ain’t look back
Dont want ya bitch that hoe is back
what is doing, run up a sack
she wanna argue, i won’t react
Blow me a 50 & make it right back
I am a playa bitch i am a mac
If it aint bout money pls don’t hit my jack
If it aint bout money pls don’t hit my jack
Truck presidential you know its a lac
I put the north & the gang on my back
She in her feelings I can’t attached
She on a molly she bout to collapse
Im from the mud so you know i adapt
You is a bitch you aint getting no dap
Gotta know my nigga Bo in the trap
Mite hit the block & just shoot me some craps

Bought me a gucci fur just for the winner
just wanna fuck cuz a nigga a winner
I can fit bout 20 hoes in the sprinter
You are not gang pls do not enter
Why the keep testing me
You the recipe
Uncle got chickens Im talking sesame
Its an necessity
You are not catching me
Thanking the lord cuz i know he keep blessing me
Why do you question me
It aint no flexing me
pop me a ecstasy Im tryna fuck
she tryna smoke on the Loui & got stuck
Hopped out a beemer & jumped in a truck
New valentinos, Hoe these aint no chucks
That hoe a bird she just wanna get plucked
Bitch I’m on fire can’t wait to errupt
Most of these rappers gone run out of luck

Dont stall
Go hard
Shawty thick
Oh Lawd
Big bank
Big cars
No gars
Look up, see stars
Look up, see mars
Im scorching
Ferrari, on forges
Big horses, New Porsches
Where the check at, Important
Made a fortune
That coco, She snorting

I take my time w this shit
& i aint worried about none of you niggas lil bitch
cuz i grind for this shit

Bit let me do what i do
You know it cost for this view
That 22 in my shoe
I let it blow like kazoos
Im known for breaking the rules
& my crib came w a pool
No I’m not fuckin w dude
Shawty she think that I’m rude
Whip look like cranberry juice
Just tryna fuck on ya group
True story pour a deuce
Get on a beat & abuse
You know I’m neva gone lose
Swim in that money like scrooge
Bitch you aint got no excuse
Rich or be broke nigga chose

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