Kool Keith & Real Bad Man feat. Slug & Ice-T – Fire & Ice

After teaming up with Boldy James to release Real Bad Boldy (2021) and Killing Nothing (2022) and linking up with rising star Pink Siifu for Real Bad Flights (2022), Real Bad Man returns to announce his first collaborative album of the year with Serpent.

Serpent brings Real Bad Man together with the inimitable Kool Keith and is produced in its entirety by Real Bad Man. Serpent features appearances from Slug of Atmosphere, Ice-T, Edan, Cool Calm Pete and Zeelooperz.

“My rhymes go where the tracks take me and Serpent took me on a journey through time and space. I channeled Ultra, Ocatgon, Rhythm X, and Black Elvis to make something new and mind-blowing” Kool Keith declares. When the Serpent bites, don’t try to understand it; just enjoy the injection. The sound dynamic crystals mix so proper, my vocals and guest appearances are set in the right spots.

“My goal for this album is to capture my favorite parts from Keith’s catalog. I wanted to make beats that got into his (Keith’s) subconscious” Real Bad Man maintains. “I think it worked. “

Kool Keith x Real Bad Man’s Serpent is now available.

You can now purchase, stream, add and favorite Serpent at your preferred DSP: https://orcd.co/koolkeithserpent


Sleep (Tell Me More) Feat Cool Calm Pete
Fire And Ice Feat Slug of Atmosphere & Ice-T
Jungle Fever
Manstarr Feat Zeelooperz
The Great Marlowe
Off The Glass
Rugged Rugged Feat Edan
Trippin’ Over Flowers
Battle Feat Ice-T
Wake (Outro)

***All Tracks Produced By Real Bad Man

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