LMD – Advice

Created out of necessity. The extreme need for some pure and healthy Hip-hop. Hip-hop for all ages. Three brothas from otha mothas figured it was time to join forces and smash! Music has gone way to the left and only helps support corporate greed.

This is what it will take to resurrect the true essence of Hip-hop! Return to the 4 elements, equipped with the highest quality of rhythms provided by that intergalactic traveler we all know as the Beat Conductor, Sinsei, Quasimoto’s alter ego the great and powerful Madlib the bad kid! World, hold ya hats and buckle ya seat belts! LMD has now entered your atmosphere!

After many years of traveling throughout the cosmos, these three individuals have come to save the day (no cap.) The way the music sounds, they’re really here to save the day! LMNO, the all mighty Medaphoar and Declaime the Poet Past The weak have teamed to do what’s best for mankind and its music!

LMD started their mission almost 8 years ago through many smoked out sessions and after many trials and errors, they finally created a super soldier serum that have enhanced their creative abilities to a level never seen before. May all the galaxies tremble from the mighty vibrations of LMD! LMD is the squiiiiizod!!

1) Into
2) Flying High
3) Advice
4) Pop Fly feat Dj Romes
5) Kool feat Fly Anakin
6) The Cypher
7) LMD Skit 1
8) Super feat Dj Romes
9) Steppers
10) Birthday feat J. Rocc
11) LMD Skit 2
12) High Stakes
13) Duwop

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