Rowdibillicash – She Do It [Music Video]

The Artist known as Rowdibillicash has been successfully writing hit songs for years gettin national buzz and has quality music building great fans he has the ability to be in the ranks of todays platinum Hes a true california artist he sights dr dre as infulences which shows his drive over past years Rowdibillicash has been covered by mtv, many hip hop sites what makes Rowdibillicash rare is his meledies styles of flow with so many dope songs we see him becoming a artist up there with the drakes and dr dres cuz of his talent to create but he has a rockstar sound in his music that makes it so cool Upon being asked to cite some personal artistic influences, Rowdi mentions band, Paramore. This surprising proclivity manifests in the wide array of musical styles with which Rowdi populates his musical compositions. Rowdi grew up in the famous hotbed of rap music, Compton, CA. Eventually he found reason to relocate to Atlanta, which stands today as the band’s main claim to fame.

Instagram: @rowdibillicash
Twitter: @Rowdibillicash

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