Seamus – Trends

Irish MC Seamus shares his debut single/music video, “TRENDS.” The dark and brooding hip hop track was premiered exclusively via Rhyme Junkie, who said of the track – “it demonstrates a solid flow, on top of a big beat and nice piano instrumental…he could be on to a winner with this track.” Lyrically, it explores the idea of the fickle nature of trends and fads in their various forms.

About Seamus:
Seamus always dreamed of being the first Irish rapper to win a Grammy. Instead, he found himself ahead of the Bitcoin boom and becoming one of the world’s leading young auctioneers. His cryptocurrency company, founded with renowned coder Chris McKinlay in 2015, got investor traction from the likes of Silicon Valley legends Marc Andreessen (inventor of the web browser) and Chris Dixon (early investor in Uber/Venmo/Buzzfeed). All the while, he was secretly pursuing his own art, writing poetry and keeping it hidden behind closed doors.

He continued to refuse the call to perform until one day, a friend sent him a photo of a blackboard outside an artisanal cafe in Portland. On it was scrawled “Why aren’t there more auctioneers rappers?”

That was it. After a career for the man and an era of despondency, Seamus heeded this call to inner revolution and hopped the first plane to LA to pursue his musical aspirations. “TRENDS” is the first release from forthcoming EP Self Help.