Soulja Boy – Pandemic

Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em – Pandemic (Official Music Video)
Young Drako 2 – Feb.18
SODMG Records

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Soulja Boy – Pandemic

Catch a nigga outside know that we clapped him
Young Drako nigga you know that I’m trappin
Stacks on deck money gang nigga we making shit happen
I’m gone give this brick to whoever can sell it the fastest
Riding with a bad bitch Cartier my glasses
Blitz a fuck nigga like we playing madden
Nigga wild out with that stick like I’m nick cannon
Shoot up the crowd bitch don’t play with my savages
Young Drako nigga I ran up a quarter million
I been fucking this bitch I been hurting his feelings
You don’t want smoke nigga I came out the trenches
Serving that breakfast like trapping out Denny’s
Young Drako nigga I’m pushing this shit to the limit
The VVS Cartier I’m at the dentist
Brand new Bust down a Tesla young Drako winning
Stacks on deck money gang we worth a billion
I’m gonna Pop out that cut with that stick bitch
We gonna to slide like the 9th inning
Young Drako nigga been trappin since the very beginning
Young Drako ran it up in a pandemic
Make the wrong move my chopper be hitting
Young Drako nigga hit the block know that we spin it
I got that new drip I pop out with pool stick
Brand new baguette Cuban link and brand new Rollie wrist

Make the wrong move my chopper start hitting
Young draco ran it up a pandemic

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