Taleban Dooda – KOD

Today, Tampa MC Taleban Dooda is back with the striking video for “KOD.” Watch it HERE via District 18/Warner Records. The propulsive track is taken from the rapper’s recent mixtape White Chalk & Yellow Tape, which contains the singles “War With Whoever” and “Spin” as well as six new songs. It’s the rapid fire spitter’s first full-length project since inking a major-label deal.

On “KOD,” Dooda underlines why he is one of the most exciting rappers to emerge from Florida’s bustling scene. The song has become celebrated for its now-famous whisper chorus, which features Dooda blending infectious adlibs with venomous threats. “When a n***a try, he die/ Cha cha cha,” he spits, turning his nihilistic threats towards enemies into supremely catchy sing-alongs.

The accompanying video finds Dooda surrounded by his crew, spitting in front of luxury cars and flashing the sort of jewelry that only a rap star can afford. Smoke and gold medallions linger as the shots of Dooda transition from color to black and white, giving the visual a decidedly old school feel. Watch it above.

While “KOD” is a standout from White Chalk & Yellow Tape, the project is cohesive from front to back. Highlights include “It’s Me,” which finds the young rapper sharing stories from his past over piano notes and a minimal, trap-inspired drum beat, and “Go” — a track that takes aim at “social beef.” With “KOD,” Dooda proves that he can effortlessly transform his street tales into miniature movies.

Taleban Dooda has the type of voice you remember. The Tampa rapper’s piercing delivery on singles like “Spin” has always caught listeners by surprise. With a knack for delirious melodies and an unshakeable bravado, he’s used that sound to become a rising star with chaotic charm, penning spirited stories that shine thanks to his uniquely high-pitched vocals. Last year, the 20-year-old released his debut album, Fallen Angel. That record, as well as a string of solemn singles that includes 2021’s “Call 100 Times,” became a safe space for the grief he has nowhere else to put. Dooda’s journey to the top of Florida rap has had its twists and turns. In high school, he tried his hand at football until he realized his voice would probably take him further than sports could. He eventually dropped out and got to work, releasing the early hit “Dreams & Reality” in 2019. Fallen Angel, which followed in 2021, was crafted as a testimony to the course his life could’ve taken without music. It is a remembrance to the lives of lost loved ones, and a promise that their stories will be inspirations as he continues on his journey. Now with new music on the horizon and a record deal with Warner, fans can expect the rapper to experiment with sounds beyond the gritty beats that have become his signature. As his first viral song foreshadowed, Dooda’s reality is finally catching up to his dreams. “I just want everybody to see I ain’t here for a little bit,” he says. “I’m here for a long time. I ain’t done yet.”

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