Taran Richards feat. J21, Joseph & F-Dot Fernandez – Wonderful People

Wonderful People-
Music video was made for a recent single release. The song is recorded by UK Hip Hop/Rap/Reggae artist, singer/songwriter/producer, and it features J21, Joseph, F-Dot Fernandez all from the UK.
Wonderful People is all about the many different types of people in the universe, about these egos, and how each of us all have our very own way of thinking, doing things. Its about how we as a people have allowed things, surroundings, circumstances and other people to influence our lives, so that we have lost control, lost respect for each other. In these times we live, the now, the present times, we realized all along we have been focusing on the wrong things.
Wonderfui People was written and compose by Taran Richards.
Beats produced by Buff Bagwell Beats.


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