Yung Dub D feat. Vinnie Bones – Hush

Yung Dub D is a Rapper from Dallas Texas that is making a name for himself. Despite the rap industries complexity he is shaking up the main stream frame. He have been seen and recognized in tons of articles and blogs. Also was in LA Weekly titled “Top 10 artist you should be following on Instagram.” He placed number six. He also been seen in The Source, Hip Hop Weekly, Hiphopsince1987 and etc. This young artist is rising fast and getting tons of feedback on his Instagram. His style and flow is unique and different where he triggers off emotions to drag audience closer. His heartfelt lyrics and offbeat style is vibrant and gets their attention. He is currently unsigned from articles that were written about him. The independent artist is determined, persistent and ambitious. The music video Hush produced by Yung Dub D and Directed by Robb Relo. The song opens with Yung Dub D lyrics with smooth light smokey music in the background. In the second half, Vinnie Bones takes the place of Yung Dub D and sings his part. Overall, the track is simple but gives crooked vibes; worth listening to.

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