Isaiah Rashad feat. Duke Deuce – Lay Wit Ya

Breaking a five-year silence, Chattanooga, TN rapper Isaiah Rashad returns with his first new music since 2016, dropping a brand new single “Lay Wit Ya” [feat. Duke Deuce] today. Listen to “Lay Wit Ya”—HERE via TDE. It sets the stage for the arrival of his anxiously awaited second full-length album, The House Is Burning, coming soon.

Drawing inspiration from favorite authors such as Stephen King, the lyricism takes the spotlight on the menacing “Lay Wit Ya.” Claustrophobic bass and haunting keys underscore his breathy rhymes before Duke wilds out with a fiery cameo.

However, it just sets the stage for The House Is Burning as he reaches a new apex in terms of his bars, wordplay, and hooks.

“This album was difficult,” Isaiah admits. “I love music, but I don’t like to say shit. It’s almost like a game for me. It’s like working out. I don’t want to be redundant. Redundancy in general bothers me. Any song that I make, I usually make it in about 30 minutes to an hour, and that’s it. My ideas come to me immediately.”

That urgency ultimately lights the flame of the new album.

He adds, “Music is where I go to express myself. It’s what I do to close a chapter. You know what’s crazy? I’m not even ashamed to say it…I really think my albums aren’t different from each other. Eventually, one of my albums will become a classic. I just love this shit. It’s me.”

TDE is ready to deliver — Isaiah Rashad is officially back.

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