Lil Nuu feat. G Herbo – Wicked Inna RaQ 2

Lil Nuu has been making waves in the Chicago rap scene since last year with singles like “Wicked Inna RaQ,” “LaLa,” and “Up On Us” — today, he cements his spot in the scene with “Wicked Inna RaQ 2” featuring G Herbo. The single is a hard-hitting, streets-first anthem and earned Lil Nuu an important co-sign from the city: a verse from G Herbo, a hometown hero of his. The two pair perfectly on the song together with Nuu and Herbo in a lockstep cadence on their respective verses. In the video, Nuu and Herb head to Chicago and mob around the town with their crews.

Watch the video above.

Lil Nuu’s artistry is deeply tied to the lineage of Chicago rappers that came before him but with a fresh sound all his own. On 2022’s “Wicked Inna RaQ,” Nuu explored a clipped cadence that provided a backdrop for him to give a rapid introduction of who he is because of the city that raised him. On “Slide For Bro” his delivery is more focused but just as biting; in his own words, “a real gangster, I’m the truth.” Most recently, before “Wicked Inna RaQ 2,” Nuu dropped, “Up On Us,” that sees him at his most confident and ready to take over. The urgency in which Nuu raps is directly linked to his rapid come up — Lil Nuu has something to say, and he’s ready to take over.

Stay tuned for more Lil Nuu this year.

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