Rob GF – Groceries (Shopping Spree)

Spill some milk for the kid
‘Groceries (Shopping Spree)’ by Rob GF
Vertical Video b/w Widescreen
Video Directed, Produced & Built by Bronze
Cinematography, Additional Direction & VFX by Nick Genova
Additional VFX by Will Wallace
Art Direction & Graphics Built by Bronze
Assistant to the Director with Key Gripping by James Carnevale
Additional Photography by Oz Ahmed
Online by Motioneer
Video Co-Produced & Built by Bronze, Gabagool Gang, BRONOVALE, 21 Ent and UMC
Music Written & Produced by Rob GF, Co-Produced by Book & Bronze
Special Thanks to Pedro de Rocha Ferreira, Bar Ape, Oz Ahmed, Chris Smith & Greg Morrison.
Extra Special Thanks to ggggJess for being such a positive force.


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