TMF Precha – Build

It’s called, “Build” as in “let’s build a life together” I was previously in a bad relationship which led to me ultimately becoming a single dad for about five or so years. I’d accepted it would likely continue to be that way. At least until maybe the kids were grown because the majority of women I dated, so to speak, didn’t too particularly want to necessarily be in a relationship, they just wanted to mess around. The term D.I.L.F. was what I heard a lot. But I found a good women settled down and had more kids. She’s an author and a teacher but currently a stay at home mom. She is the sole inspiration of the song and it’s definitely a different direction for me and expanding on what type of music I’m able to make because for the longest I’ve mostly just written more aggressive type of songs. It’s about growth in love and a realization that the past led you to where you are today in life so there’s no regrets and just character building experiences that brought you together at the right time for one another.

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