Bktherula – TAN

Atlanta rapper Bktherula unleashes her in-your-face new single “TAN.” The blistering track showcases the 20-year-old’s knack for conjuring unforgettable hooks and attitude-filled lyrics. It follows “FOREVER PT. 2 (JEZEBEL)” as the latest cut from Bktherula’s forthcoming LVL 5, Pt 1 EP on February 17.

Proudly abrasive and off-kilter, the new single finds the rapper, singer, and songwriter laying down the law. “Who walk in this bitch on some money shit?” BK asks, before dropping commands (“If we on a trip to Hawaii bitch get a tan”) and advice (“Take a blue pill I don’t recommend, I’m taking red”) over sultry samples and whirring effects. It’s hard not to fall for her confidence and bravado.

“TAN” is BK’s first new single since dropping the soulful “FOREVER PT. 2 (JEZEBEL)” featuring Destroy Lonely in July, which came on the heels of the rapid-fire “Through 2 U.” The rising hitmaker reemerged early last year with the velvety two-pack “Coupe/Keep da K” — a gift to fans eagerly awaiting the follow up to 2021’s psychedelic and color-drenched Love Black album. The twofer was bolstered by a dreamy, hallucinogenic visual for “Coupe.”

Now, with another irrepressible track under her belt and a new project on the horizon, Bktherula is ready to take her place at the forefront of hip-hop.

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