David Sabastian – Pistol On My Lap

Today, L.A.-bred rapper, producer, designer, and all-around visionary David Sabastian releases a cinematic visual “Pistol On My Lap” from his new mixtape Gangsta Grillz: DJ Drama Presents David Sabastian “God Save The Rave.” The video finds David cruising the Los Angeles streets while a chilling plot unravels. Shedding light on violence within LA’s Black community, “Pistol On My Lap,” is a bold delivery revealing raw realities. Watch the video above.

Listen to Gangsta Grillz: DJ Drama Presents David Sabastian “God Save The Rave” HERE via Believe In Yourself Records/BPG Music/Warner Records. Full tracklisting below.

Success Is The Greatest Revenge
Do It Like That
God Saved The Rave
The Devil Is A Liar
Pistol In My Lap
Miklatski Story

David Sabastian has spent years shifting pop culture from behind the scenes, and affecting change out in the streets. But after a lifetime of working around music—as a visionary fashion designer, painter, activist, and executive—the lifelong Los Angeleno is bringing his creative, sociopolitical, and spiritual ideals to rap. Part Tupac Shakur and part Deepak Chopra, Sabastian spits with a captivating fervor whether he’s backed by concussive minimalist beats or stirring piano suites. His debut album, 2020’s We Are God, was testament to his status as both a lyrical evangelist of self-empowerment and an artist with his own gravitational pull—originally only available through his website, the highly philosophical album generated over six figures through sales and digital tips. It also made a worthy addition to a body of work that sprawls across worlds. When he isn’t designing subversive merch for rappers like YG (see 2020’s sold-out “Fuck the Police” collection) or painting vibrant murals outside the offices of his label, Warner Records (in a joint venture with The Blueprint Group), Sabastian works to fight homelessness in downtown L.A. with his streetwear company SkidRowFashionWeek. After persevering through adversities of his own—with no small amount of encouragement from his strong Black mother—Sabastian dropped out of school at 16 to pursue his passion for clothing. Hip-hop was there all along, though, and it was only natural that he’d eventually add music to his creative arsenal in his love-fueled war against hatred and self-hate.

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