whiterosemoxie – 0006TeslaSpaceForce

Today, whiterosemoxie releases two vivacious tracks “0006TeslaSpaceForce” and “The Skript,” together titled GIVE or TAKE. This duo release is an introduction to a string of multi-track single releases from moxie. Every three weeks moxie will release two separate tracks with their own umbrella title. As fans follow the music in real time, they can choose their favorite tracks, and eventually curate whiterosemoxie’s 2021 debut album. In true moxie fashion, this fan driven approach allows listeners to collaborate with moxie every step of the way.

Celebrating GIVE or TAKE release, moxie also unveils “0006TeslaSpaceForce” music video. The high energy visual puts a bounce in 2021 and will be followed with a visual for “The Skript.” “I wanted to start off with hype songs to set the tone; a “1, 2 punch” for the year. I wanted to give my audience a side to me they haven’t heard much of yet.” explains moxie. Of “The Skript,” moxie hints “I fell in love again…”

moxie also introduces fans to a ‘visual language’ and universe of whiterosemoxie. The track art acts as a loyalty card of sorts, with each ‘stamp’ representing the specific moment in moxie music history. GIVE or TAKE starts off with two white roses to signify the release of “0006TeslaSpaceForce” and “The Skript.” As these ‘stamps’ accumulate with each multi-track release, fans will be able to pinpoint the exact moment in time they discovered their favorite track or new favorite artist. The track art will grow in meaning over time as new ‘stamps’ accumulate and the art grows into something entirely its own.

When moxie is not making 40 minute long straight freestyles in his free-time he’s… still in the studio contributing to his seemingly bottomless arsenal of music. Kicking off 2021 with an incoming stream of new releases, whiterosemoxie’s versatility and limitless potential is set to take the world by storm.

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