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whiterosemoxie releases the visual for “camcorder” off of his recently released mixtape, grae ceilings, via 300 Entertainment. Directed by Jax Anderson, the “camcorder” visual adds to the story of the 18 year-old rising hip hop artist. This is the third video of a four part series of visuals which combine into a short film.

Video 1, “mist outside” introduces you to moxie and sets the scene for what’s to come. Viewers take a trip to the inside of moxie’s mind as he contemplates the life of his friends and him. “delafayette” continues the story with moxie’s arrival to a party. After moxie runs into his love interest, his night takes a turn. An unwanted visitor shows up and advances on moxie’s girl, forcing moxie him to kick him out. The night continues in normal party fashion until the same unwanted guest retaliates by vandalizing his car. “camcorder”, out today, takes you through the morning after as moxie seemingly forgets about the previous nights events because he’s with his one & only. However, viewers will quickly realize, the story might not end on a happy note…

Consisting of melodic rap, R&B and trap influences, grae ceilings picks up where his debut project, white ceilings, left off, documenting the upheaval that has since ensued and the grey area he feels himself and the world trapped in: COVID cutting his senior year short and leaving him and his friends with a zoom graduation and no prom; getting a record deal but not being able to go to studios or tour; turning 18 and moving out on his own but being quarantined away from his friends; tasting the freedom of adulthood, but the daily news cycle reminding him that he and his people are not really free in a country where they can be killed any day.

The Detroit native may have just finished high school, but his music is starting to resonate with kids around the world. At a mere 18, “moxie,” who started making music after a near death experience, was named Pigeons & Planes Best New Artist of the Month (April). Until recently, he made all his music alone in his basement pulling beats offline, so it’s not surprising that his lyrics are vulnerable and introspective. His debut full-length studio project, white ceilings, which dropped back in March, has already garnered him the eyes of the industry with over 5 million streams. On white ceilings, moxie encapsulates the energy and diversity of his and his peers’ high school experience growing up on Detroit’s west side as he looked towards graduation and his future. The white ceilings they see everyday hanging out in basements become moxie’s metaphor for removing the ceilings people try to put on his limitless potential.

moxie notes that grae ceilings is a reminder that in all the grey area and this time of transition, the people around you have to be the rock and foundation.

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